StarPL (Restaurant 4.0)  


The Restaurant Management Applications that are currently available in the Market offer nothing but a solution for the Business. But they do not consider the latest changes that this sector has recently experienced. These gaps are specially important nowadays and are also the reason behind most of the Software Solutions not being suitable anymore.

New Agents have appeared on this Market as a consequence of Globalization and, above all, the latest technological developments. These Agents’ role is becoming more important in the Business and they obviously have to be considered by the IT Solution used by the Restaurant. Customers are not only after a culinary experience, they also expect this experience to be in accordance with the technology they use on a daily basis.

Class One Team has been working, for the last 2 years, in order to fill these gaps. Even if the previous StarPL version has successfully worked in several Clients (Restaurants belonging to Hotels, mainly), a new Replatforming Project was triggered in 2014 in order to update the product as per the latest available technologies. This new version of the Product, named Restaurant 4.0., is the result of this Project.



 Below can be found the main features of this new product:  


  • Four layers technology (Data, Business Rules, Web, Customer)  means 4 A's (AnyOne, AnyTime, AnyWhere, AnyDevice)
  • Business Rules that have been developed and improved for more than 20 years. The Performance Tracking suite is one of the main strengths of this product (daily activity, dish profitability, fraud control, loyalty program control, tables control, etc.). The reporting system is so powerful that it allows to obtain pieces of data such as “average consumption on rainy days with a temperature between 15º and 25º”.
  • Business Intelligence features, that allow immediate response to relevant situations. If someone orders a bottle of wine with price over a threshold, an SMS will be automatically sent to the manager so that he will be aware of the presence of an special customer.
  • Direct integration with the Restaurant from any device with connection to the Internet. This will allow the customer to call the waiter, obtain the bill immediately, pre-order dishes, rate the food and other features of the restaurant, check the history of the visits to the restaurant (date, food, price, etc.). Also, the functionality can be integrated with Social Networks, as well as maintain specific Loyalty Programs.
  • The customer will be also able to connect to the Restaurant externally, using geo-localization features. The customer will be able to check promotional codes and vouchers, as well as make new reservations, publish information in Social Networks, etc.
  • All the information that the system collects through the functionalities above grant the Program with a powerful CRM engine.
  • Home Delivery and Room Services
  • Payment through several payment methods (including credit cards, PayPal, bitcoins, etc.) or different currencies (as well as Loyalty Program points).  




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