2019-01-29 CashGard Integration

Class One: First Class Software

2019-01-29 CashGard Integration


At Class One, we always think about your safety. For this reason, the CashGuard system has been integrated into our StarPOS solution.

Class One has been approved in its product StarPOS by the prestigious manufacturer of  CashGuard

CashGuard es una solución de gestión de efectivo que se preocupa de todos los riesgos del punto de venta y proporciona una tranquilidad absoluta a los hosteleros. Diga adiós a las pérdidas de dinero y a los descuadres de caja con esta caja registradora inteligente, que ofrece total control y seguridad.

La caja registradora inteligente CashGuard ofrece soltura, velocidad y confianza en todos los cobros, y además protege el dinero custodiado en el interior de la máquina. Así, el flujo de efectivo está siempre controlado en tiempo real, ya que nadie tiene que tocar la caja ni el efectivo. Por ello, cada vez más establecimientos hosteleros la emplean.


We want to thank the total and absolute collaboration we have had from your Project Manager Adrián Fuente 

2018-11-02 We are now in


Class One: First Class Software

2018-11-02 We are now in


A new concept of Hotel Management (SHMS - Smart Hotel Management System) 


 Web System, access your Hotel in any location.




Group Class One 
Rafael Alberti 6 Bajo
15172 -Perillo (Spain) 
 +34 981613709

 E-Mail: comercial at classone dot es


2017-10-28 Business Success StarBEO 


The new Event Control System (MICE) combines power and technology, with experience and use since 1993.

 Miguel Marcos

Director de Operaciones - Operations Manager

Sunset Beach Club

Avenida del Sol, 5 29630 Benalmádena Costa Málaga, España


At Sunset Beach Club we use StarBEO for the management and sale of events in 10 possible venues. We have up to five users introducing and updating events simultaneously. We can contact the client through the software via email or SMS and send him contracts with the services confirmed, proformas or final invoices. All operating departments receive the Service Order via email and they can access the software to see future and upcoming business in the pipeline to arrange their resources accordingly. This saves us a lot of time that we used to spend sharing and sending the information. The invoicing of 250+ annual events is very easy, as once the quote is done, we only need to confirm it to produce the invoice. The potent BI module allows us to see the business pipeline at its different stages (tentative, quoted, confirmed) with different KPIs, and its value in € and the number of pax expected. We can see on screen the past and future business on a 3-year comparison.


We have gone from the Stone Age of an excel sheet to the twenty first century with the help of Class One!!



Dossier: http://www.reservahotel.com/00/en/201702en-StarBEO.ppsx


 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

2017-06-21 Class One – Clickmobile Integratione 

Class One where future is now

2017-06-21 Class One – Clickmobile Integratione 


More details of the ResTTable functions and videos on the following link ...



The future of the restaurants is already the present ... Hardware and software are merged into a device thought and designed exclusively for the restaurant and the hotel environment. As a result of the integration of two companies focused on the improvement of equipment and applications for the hospitality industry, a comprehensive solution emerges that will revolutionize the customer's experience when ordering products, both in hotel and in restaurants enviroments. Clickmobile Solutions and Class One are the two companies responsible for designing this global solution, in which an interactive multi-touch table (ResTTable) uses one of the best softwares and hotel PMS,s worldwide.




But ... What is ResTTable?

In this world increasingly oriented to "Internet of things" a Spanish startup called Clickmobile Solutions thinks about designing a device that allows to fast the times of order by the client in the restaurants,  reducing the time of the staff taking orders and sending the orders directly to the kitchen, avoiding frequent errors inevitable (human failures). We all know kiosk systems that do more or less this same function but, as expected, ResTTable is not only that. 4 people can order simultaneously from the same table, as well as simply call the waiter with only one “click”, getting the check or display the menu in different languages. After that, the costumer can wait the delivery of his order enjoying diverse games, videos or simply surfing by Internet.



On the other hand, ResTTable, is completely customizable in color and design, to adapt to any decor and is thought to satisfy all the real needs of any restaurant, hotel, pub or club. Built with the most resistant materials, to withstand the most adverse conditions that can occur in any interior or exterior space. Its tempered glass, almost one centimeter thick, makes it practically unbreakable from falling glasses, dishes or objects of any kind. On the other hand, its robust iron protection, makes of ResTTable, an anti-vandalic table valid for any environment.




From the point of view of the real investment return by the restaurants and hotels owners, ResTTable serves as an advertising display screen, allowing real options of sponsorships, notifications with offers and banners located in areas of the table, projection of advertising videos, etc. Turning into an ideal showcase for brands ready to reach a large number of consumers.


If, to all these functionalities, we add the integration with a software with the trajectory of Class One, you get a highly competitive product ready to rise as the first in its class.


2017-01-25 Seven Stars SmartRate

Class One where future is now

Re-platforming Seven Stars Web 4.0 


We begin this new series of progress reports on the Web 4.0 re-platforming of our Seven Stars PMS.


SmartRate. Smart Rate Engineering.


First Part.

On January 2017 we've held premiere presentations before a selection of our client hotels introducing the first steps of the Seven Stars Web 4.0 system.

We specially highlight their opinions regarding the new SmartRate system, "intelligent rate creation and development".

Our main focus has been:

Easy to use, friendly and fast tools, with which you can instantly adjust rates to the market. "Time to Market".

This is part of the feedback we've gotten:


With this, I just don't know what else to ask for from you, it was the only thing I saw complicated in the "old" software, now it's so easy. I'll have more time to tend other choresEdurne Martinez. Head of Hotel Accommodation.


Clear the rate components in order to act in a more flexible way on those which are of our interest. Luis Villamediana.  Freelance Consulting on Hotel Management & Class One Delegate in Mediterranean Spain & Balearic Islands


From home and with two clicks I deal with all the Y&R Management regarding pricing in my hotel. You just cannot get any easier or smarter. Vicente Rodríguez Cortina.  Financial & Operations Director.


After the presentation, as always I was pleasently surprised, but knowing you, I did not expect any less from you, you're always on the right track. “Always looking to fulfill the client needs, fast, effective, easy to use product”. Juan José Díaz. Resort Financial Director.


We've woken the monster. We're so afraid of you, very soon the IT system will deliver orders to us and not the other way around. Iratxe, Head of Reception.


Your next step could well be inventing the staffless hotel, so we'll just collect revenues and buy more hotels. Thank you, Javier, it's hard to keep up with you, I hope you'll stay in Spain and not move to the US. Care to make and appointment for installing it in our systems?Juan Carlos Tamayo. Hotel Owner.


Thank you very much for the presentation, Javier, the “Smart Rate” will no doubt be a great work tool: easy to use, fast and very useful in our daily matters, "well done".  José Rodriguez. Hotel Chain Financial Director.


Thank you, Javier. Simple, intuitive, easy use, fastness, this is what we all crave for and you've done it. And this is just the rates. I'm already looking forward to seeing the full software…. Don't stop…  Armando Martínez Díaz-Cano. Head of Reservations & Reception. 



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